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Aeker the Oak | Stag | Royal Guard by Teair
Aeker the Oak | Stag | Royal Guard

Aeker the Oak

Gender: Stag
Age: 14
Year of Birth: Summer, 746 of the New Age
Build: Medium
Height: 11hh
Phenotype: Smoky Black Partially Restricted Fawn
Genotype: Ee/aa/nCr/fwfw/nrz
Eye Colour: dark brown
Design: Fawnlings October Pool #80 by mule-deer

Sire: Lord Yorik
Dam: Princess Alana
Bloodline: 100% Glenmore
Magic Type: Earth

Skill Points

Speed: 4 [Basic Level] (Build Cap: 15 points max)
Stamina: 4 [Basic Level]
Strength: 7 [Basic Level]

Magic: 6 [Basic Level]
Herbs: 0 [Basic Level]

Experience: 0


+2 speed - base bonus
+4 stamina - base bonus
+4 strength - base bonus
+2 speed - starter bonus
+3 strength - starter bonus
+6 magic - starter bonus

Herd: Glenmore
Rank: Royal Guard (recent development)
Current Location: near Great Oak

Aeker was an "early bloomer" of sorts and is there for much more mature in terms of appearance than most his age. He keeps a full beard outside of rut and is recognized for his oddly heavy feathering. His head a fairly large and bull-like though it still features chiseled contours making him really quite handsome. His neck is moderately thick with a broad chest and sloping shoulder. His body is short and compact with most of his mass in his legs and hindquarters. His mane and tail, while respectably long, are kept manageable through clipping and/or braiding, especially during rut. Due to his royal upbringing, Aeker is very clean and refuses to be seen in public in any sort of disarray. Aeker grows a respectable rack every rut, very similar to that of a white-tailed deer only they are much thicker. He does have various charms, but those will be added as he is RPed.

Steadfast and unchanging, Aeker truly is an emotional oak to those who need him. He is an "old soul" and as such is very interested in legends and tales of the past. Nevertheless Aeker is perceptive and more than able to see the real from fiction. As he was raised royal, Aeker carries that inborn pride the bloodline seems to have. However he is much softer than most and treats others as equally as possible. Most kind to does, this stag can be tough on younger bucks and even stags he deems to be illogical or pushy. He despises ill treatment of does and is a well known advocate for their rights and for defending them even at cost to himself. While moderately slow to anger, once Aeker is angry, he explodes and none can escape his wrath, at least not completely. He is large and intimidating compared to most which may make such emotion appear even more drastic. Well spoken and learned, Aeker is a lawyer of sorts and is very good at twisting words to suit him. This doesn't necessarily make him a liar, but may put his motives into question. Overall the "old man of the forest" kind of personality.

Political Views:
Aeker, while being raised as a traditional, royal stag, hated being "royal". He didn't appreciate being treated differently and dislikes the crude treatment of does, particularly princesses who had no choice in any matter. This rose from his having to watch his parents and their sour relationship until his father stopped interacting with Claire altogether. He believes in King Drustan's policies, though he is of the opinion that they may be coming on too quickly especially for those with very traditional roots. He also doesn't think the King will be able to enforcing any new laws or being able to physically support his beliefs should it come to a fight. At least one stag has been willing to come to blows with the King and Aeker is under no delusions that there are many more. While he does not wish for the herd to come to civil war or for the King to be harmed, Aeker strongly believes a more competent King should be ruling.
While he does find the treatment of Princess does unfair and sometimes cruel, Aeker does believe that whomever they do end up with as a mate, they should remain true to that stag for their lifetime. However, he has come to the conclusion that they should have at least some say in who their mate is and that they should consent to any rut situation before being bred. Same to be said about commoner does although they have the option of mating outside of a single stag should they wish to do so.
More to come as I think of it

Aeker was born into a family with good standing to the King, in fact, his sire was from a particular line that was well versed in conduct, therefore it was no surprise that the young stag was granted a Princess doe as a mate. The pair had Aeker during their first years, the eldest son. He was raised in the traditional beliefs of Glenmore to behave as a true, proper royal. As time went on, Aeker was able to notice the small misdoings of stags towards does, although they were completely acceptable according to society.
As he grew, Aeker became the stronger of his parent's sons and was his father's favorite. As a buck his father would spend time sparring with him and teaching him of Glenmore's history and philosophy.
When he was seven years of age, Aeker was taken into cosideration as a potential mate for a young princess who would soon come of age.
After months of debate, the decision was made to give the young princess doe to Aeker as his official mate. The buck treated her fairly and never forced himself upon her. In fact he was often very absent from her life unless she required him. It took time before a relationship arose and the two actually began to care for the other. After the third rut since their betrothal, the doe consented to breeding. The following spring she birthed twin stags, one stillborn and died herself several months later. The surviving colt was handed to a nanny to be raised and Aeker has yet to meet the buck since.
Crushed by the loss, Aeker became reclusive, only coming around for major family events and political occurrences. He would disguise himself and spar with commoners to let off steam. As this hobby grew, Aeker came to the conclusion that life in the courts was no longer for him and he applied to become a royal guard. This wish granted, the stag has continued to train himself and has become more involved during rut, often fighting and winning unwilling or apprehensive does only to release them so they would not have to breed if they did not wish to. Aeker does patrol the Blackwood border and enjoys the occasional thrill of driving off the dark marauders.

Aeker does make time for family, specifically for his young sister Princess Myrna. He encourages get free spirit bit does wish she would behave less like a young fawn at certain times. However he accepts her for who she is and has talked her out of more than one scrape without her knowledge.
As I am returning to activity I'm wanting to figure out who all is still hanging around and interested in what I have planned. I have a Toko now and am considering a fawnling then of course I'm wanting to get back into HARPG as that is where my heart has always been. Please comment with you guys would like to see, if nobody does I'll likely assume none of you guys are and start building up a new base. Thanks!
Hey hey all! I'm new to the Toko scene with my new guy, Alignak 848. I want to be active and successful, but I need friends and people to teach me the way so to speak. I want to do collabs, roleplays, etc. Affiliates will receive rights to slots, exclusive genos from litters, and the like in return for the same. I haven't chosen a faction but my friend is PL so leaning that way but still. Please comment with questions, thoughts, offers, ideas, and so on. Thank you!
Alignak 848 by TotemSpirit

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